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Classes for adults!

Our DanceStory school offers classes for adults. Here you can find training for any temperament and fitness level.

We currently offer you the following classes:

BARRE /workout method of a ballet barre/
DANCE FITNESS / Just for Ladies

*With our membership ( pass ) you can visit any training sessions in our school of dance, booked beforehand. You can book and cancel class minimum 4 hours before it starts. It’s important for us to manage the quantity of people attending the classes so we can ensure it’s comfortable for everyone to practise.
**The membership price doesn’t include individual one-on-one sessions with the trainer.

Class timetable




15:00 – 16:00

BARRE (Anastasija)

16:00 – 17:00



11:00 -12:00





Just for Ladies (Simona)


9:00 – 10:00


16:00 – 17:00


17:00 – 18:00

Just for Ladies (Chris)



HATHA Joga (Iveta)



19:00 – 20:00

Just for Ladies (Simona)


16:00 -17:00


18:00 – 19:00

BARRE (Irina)



Stretching (Irina)

13:00 – 14:00

BARRE (Irina)

Monthly subscription price for group lessons:

4 classes - 80 eur
6 classes - 120 eur
8 classes - 150 eur
12 classes - 220 eur

*Membership period: 1 month
*Trial lesson -20 eur

Dance Styles

BARRE – tas ir fitness ar baleta estetiku. Baleta vingrinājumu apkopojums ar māksliniecisko praksi.

Barre fitness is an ideal option for those who love ballet but do not have dancing background. The barre method is based on a combination of ballet exercises, functional strength training exercises, Pilates, yoga and a reasonable combination of types of muscular exercises. The ballet bar is used in training as a support while working on the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abs. Additional sports equipment is also used in training: small dumbbells, small Pilates balls, expanders, elastic bands, yoga belts, support blocks, weights, etc.

Daily habits, such as working in front of a computer, wearing heels or uneven loads disrupt the muscular balance of the body. 

Strengthen your muscles by learning the basics of the Barre technique at the ballet bar!

A perfect posture and a beautiful silhouette of a strong and toned body are guaranteed!

Barre is suitable for people with any level of training.


Classes for women who want to increase their self-esteem and learn how to move beautifully and elegantly. Classes combine the movements of various dance styles. Dynamic training helps develop flexibility, coordination and musicality.

DANCE FITNESS – treniņš ar dejas novirzi,

that provide intense physical activity, improve coordination, posture and plasticity of movements. Habitual fitness includes elements of dance. They complement each other perfectly and give an amazing effect. Dance fitness uses simple movements, so dance experience is not required for classes.


Šobrīd stiepšanās ir treniņu komplekss, kas ļauj jebkāda līmeņa fiziskās sagatavotības cilvēkam uzlabot savu muskuļu elastību. Stiepšanās treniņi notiek uz paklājiņiem un sākas ar ķermeņa iesildīšanu, lai izvairītos no stiepšanās traumām. Nodarbības sekmē muskuļu elastību un locītavu kustību amplitūdu, kas ļauj uzturēt skaistu stāju un vieglu gaitu un saglabāt ķermeņa elastību. Trniņu efekts – vispārēja ķermeņa funkcionalitāte!

Slow and Strong – mierīga, harmoniska vingrošana, dziļās muskulatūras nostiprināšanai un stabilizācijai. 

The goal is to develop body strength, flexibility and balance. This training will suit someone, who just either just started his path in fitness or doesn’t like cardio workouts. During this training the combination of static muscle pressure and stretching is accompanied by breathing exercise. “Slow and Strong” is performed in a slow pace giving you the control over the quality of completing exercises.

Roll and myofascial stretching is a self-massage technique,

aimed at relieving excessive muscle tension, by pressing and stretching the muscle tissues, combined with proper breathing. Proper myofascial massage affects trigger points - local muscle fiber spasms. The study of soft tissues improves their plasticity and moisture. The more pliable the tissues, the better the movement.

What is Yoga? Yoga is a whole culture, both physical and spiritual. 

It has numerous types and levels of experiencing it. What makes our yoga teacher at Dance Story excellent?  What is our yoga teacher’s approach at the Dance Story?  Due to her training experience and discoveries she came to the conclusion that yoga isn’t about forcing the best results. It is neither good for the body nor the spirit and will never give you gratification you desire. Steady and systematic impact on your body helps make smoother transition from one condition to another, elevating your level of immersion into yoga. Your body is then more relaxed and prepared to transition between yoga poses(asanas) without pain and tension. As a result you not only feel and see the progress from your training, but it brings you joy aswell!

Contemporary Dance

A contemporary dance which includes various styles.

Deja, kā instruments ķermņa attistībai un emociju izpausmes veids. Te liela uzmanība tiek veltīta nevis tehnikai, bet dejas iekšējai formai. Dejotāja meistarība sastāv no spējas atdarināt savas emocijas ar ķermeņa kustībam. Dzīvais ritms, ekspresija, improvizācija, kustību brīvība – tās ir galvenās modernās dejas  kvalitātes. Izvēlēties sev grupu ar sev piemērotu dejas prasmes līmeni – kontemps iesakušiem vai turpinājušiem. Studijā ir grupas, gan jauniņiem, gan arī pieredzējušiem dejotājiem, kuri grib apgūt sev jauno dejas virzienu. Skolā pasniedz kvalificēti un talantīgi pedagogi, kuri palīdzēs jums atraisīties, aizmirst par neveiklību un kusteties brīvi.

Our Teachers

Contemp /Show dance /Acrobatics
Participant and winner of Latvian and international dance competitions. Nominations at the World Championship and European Cup Modern dance/Show dance.
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Calssical choreography /Ballet
Artist of the Latvian National Ballet. Bachelor in Pedagogy and Choreography from Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music.
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Ballet/ Classical choreography
Graduate of the Vaganova Ballet Academy. Artist of the Boris Eifman Contemporary Ballet Theatre, the Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet Theater and the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg.
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Hip - Hop/ House/ Fusion
Choreographer, artist, dance instructor. A dancer, an actor at the Latvian national Opera and a ballet in the show “Carmen.”
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Professional dancer, choreographer and teacher. Head of the "Hip-hop" specialization at the Latvian College of Culture.
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Contemp / Hp-Hop
I have been dancing for 12 years, during which time I have studied modern dance, hip-hop and classical dance. Latvian College of Culture.
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Ralf has been dancing for 11 years in styles such as hip hop, breakdance and house. Latvian College of Culture.
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Street dance instructor. 15 years of experience in various dance styles / hip-hop, jazz, modern /.
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Jazz-modern/ Cheerleading
Professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music.
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Hatha Yoga
Kundalini Research Institute (USA) yoga instructor, University of Latvia
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Vinyasa Yoga/ Stretching
Coach of health groups - teacher, aerobics instructor. Diploma of the Latvian Aerobics Association.
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