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Terms of Use

1. General information
Please read these terms of use carefully before using our website or the information and the services provided on it or the information and the services provided through the website.
Should you be using the website or conducting any activities on it, it shall be deemed you have familiarized yourself with the effective terms of use and shall follow them.
Upon using the website, you confirm having read the provisions of the Privacy Policy.
2. Using the website
The aim of the information displayed on the website is to inform about the offered services and the terms of use of them.
The information provided on the website, regardless of its content or form, is solely of informative nature, unless it is stated otherwise.
The information on the website is subject to amendments or can be deleted at any time without any special announcement. The administrator of the website shall do everything in their power, however does not confirm and guarantee that this website and/or the services provided through it via internet shall work without errors or interruptions.
The administrator of the website shall not bear responsibility for any expenses, damage or losses (direct, indirect, accidental, caused by third parties), as well as, but not limited to all compensation of damage, penalties and fines, financial losses and lost profits having occurred in any way in relation to visiting or use of the website, even if the administrator of the website had known about the defects of the website or its contents.
3. Copyright
Full or partial publishing, reproduction, transfer or storage of the content of this website is prohibited. This prohibition does not apply to saving the content on a computer or other way of using it for private purposes only.
In case of infringement of intellectual property rights the person at fault shall be called to account in accordance with the procedures provided in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.
4. Purchasing membership
The website offers purchasing memberships for the use of the services listed on the website.
The price of the membership is determined by SIA Dance Story, unified registration No. 40203400988, legal address: Mārupes nov., Babītes pag., Piņķi, Silarāju iela 29, LV-2107.
In case the student does not attend a single class in 30 days after buying the membership, the money paid for it shall not be returned, it will be considered paid for the next month.
In case the student attends at least one class within 30 days after purchasing the membership, the membership cost shall not be considered paid for the next month.
In case of epidemiological restrictions, the school provides quality online lessons, as well as in case of partial restrictions – combined offline and online classes.
5. Final provisions
All disputes arising from the terms of use of the website or occurring in relation to the terms of use shall be resolved through negotiations. If the disputes cannot be resolved through negotiations, they shall be taken to the court of the Republic of Latvia for resolution in accordance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.
SIA Dance Story
Registration N. 40203400988
Salienas iela 4, Piņķi
Latvia, LV-2107
Phone number: + 371 20200806

Account details
“Swedbank” AS
Balasta dambis 15, Rīga,
LV-1048, Latvia
Registration N. 40003074764

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